Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Updates

Another post in one day...Lucky you, or me !!
Anyways, this is the opening shots' background, and good god is it taking me a long time to finish each one of these!

This is how I laid it out in the animatic:

And luckily I found a very close room to this layout at my friends' apartment, there it is:

And this is the result of many hours of fucking with it:

One of the lucky accidents here is that when I initially drew the apartment it looked way to spacious but this photo brought things together a lot more and made it more cluttery and claustrophobic.
I hope you like it ..I'm pretty happy with it regardless.

See you soon with more updates.


  1. dude these backgrounds are beautiful... lookin forward to seeing more progress. keep it up.

  2. Thanks Figs... glad you're following man.