Thursday, May 30, 2013

Exciting Updates and "That I learned"

Just like the title of this post states I have a couple of exciting updates for you. 
  First of, the next production video "which is coming out soon" I will be showing some animation demo (moving from animatic to animation) and TVpaint workflow, Boom!!!
  Second, aside from the "Production Video" section and the "Updates" section on this blog I will be adding a new section, I will call it  "That I learned!". In this section I'm going to post all the ideas, advice, and experiences I'm gaining while working on this project, who knows, some might find them helpful.
  Last but not least "and most exciting" I officially HIRED the first artist on this project, yes, I'm paying a fellow artist to help me on Dirty Laundry Day, and it feels awesome. I'll keep the artist's name a secret for now but I promise you a "Production Video" specially for art and color soon, and "THAT I LEARNED" this week: Don't be a fool, "friendship" isn't always enough of a motivation for people to collaborate with you on YOUR personal project, so pay your fellow artists, period. It doesn't matter how much or how little, they're your friends and you can always discuss it with them and be honest with what you can pay them upfront, just be reasonable and respectful and you get yourself a mini team of artists that you like to work with, plus when you pay them you can review things with them without feeling bad about wasting their time right?

Thanks for checking in.  


  1. Well done Jamil. I agree to some degree. Looking back over my project if I'd paid for certain key skill sets the project would have moved along a lot more efficiently, and your time is money too. So as long as you're employed it's fair to say that paying someone with skills or time you don't have is fair and reasonable, and saves you time.

    You just have to be very careful about establishing a precedent. As clearly you won't have much to spend on it in the long run. So if you plan to do most of the work yourself paying a few people isn't such a bad thing. If the project becomes bigger than you though by a significant margin, then paying everyone becomes a problem.

    Anyway, I'm really pleased to see you exploring a different production path. Good luck.

    1. Thanks man...Glad you're following the updates.