Saturday, December 19, 2015

Easter eggs in Dirty Laundry Day.

Some awesome studios out there use Easter eggs to "tease us" and leave us pounding our heads for months on end wondering about what they might be cooking for us next. 
Well, since I'm not cooking anything I thought I'd make my Easter eggs more meaningful and contributing to the story line. So let's start:

1- JFKs' assassination date.
It is first shown on the title card. JFK and Ken "my story's protagonist" were killed on the same day, the 22nd.

The date is referred to again in the year section on the assassins' cars' license plate. I guess being a Bill Hicks fan justifies my fascination with JFK.

And the name on the state where the story takes place is Eutopia, a bit of irony I guess.

2- Che Guevara.
This one might rub some the wrong way, I know, so I won't get into it in details, I used it for its symbolism.

3- This is WFN. (World Fucked up News)
Not much of an Easter egg, more of a detail.

And last but not least, the guitar chord progression at the end of the film is from Sam Cooke's great song "Change is gonna come".

So there you have it. Thanks for reading.

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